Shepherd Chanter Reeds - Bagpipe Reeds

Shepherd Chanter Reeds - Bagpipe Reeds

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Shepherd Chanter Reeds - Bagpipe Reeds :


Shepherd uses superior materials and construction methods, as well as strict quality control at every stage of production, which ensures only the best quality reeds make it to sale. This results in a distinctive and efficient reed, with easy adjustment adjustment to raise pitch. As with all Shepherd reeds and instruments, the Shepherd Chanter Reeds are designed to deliver a pitch combination of 472Hz - 475Hz and above depending on climatic conditions. This reed is a must have for any avid piper.


At WA Music, we stock a very large selection of bagpipes from all the big names (e.g., McCallum and R.G. Hardie) as well as all the accessories you could possibly need for your piping needs. Any pipers are welcome to come to our store and try out some products for themselves!


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For any queries about Shepherd Chanter Reeds - Bagpipe Reeds or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us or pop into our store.

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